I'm Nick Huber, Developer & Consultant

I am a 5x Certified Salesforce Developer who utilizes the Salesforce platform's Full-Stack of technologies as well as Node.js, Twilio, Web API's, Stripe, Angular, Heroku, SQL, Wordpress, Chrome Extensions, Andriod, HTML5, and PHP to develop outstanding applications which improved day to day business for over 100+ clients now. Having understood many modern design patterns and Full-Stack technologies I am skilled in spearheading any task while incorporating user and business requirements into cost-effective, secure and user-friendly solutions.

Backend Development

Apex, Nodejs, Java, PHP, Python, Kotlin, Serverless Architecture, MySQL, Shell Script, Regex, SSL, Redis, DynamoDB, AWS, Linux.

Frontend Development

Angular, React, Vue, SLDS, SASS, Less, JS/ES5/ES7, Grunt, Gulp, HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Figma, Electron, Bootstrap, jQuery.


Websockets, Twilio, Stripe, Shopify, Wordpress, Email, Webhooks, MicroBilt, ANT, Heroku, SSL, Lambda, API Gateways, S3, IAM, EC2.